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Full Membership


Full Members

A Full Member shall be a person who:


  • Is an indigene of Abiriba or married to an indigene of Abiriba or whose either or both parents or grand parents are indigenes of Abiriba, or who can otherwise validly trace his/her origin to Abiriba or married to an Ntum Oha member;
  • Is, at least, a post-secondary school Graduate (university, polytechnic, college of education, or its equivalent);
    • Has Attended three (3) consecutive meetings as an observer;
    • Has Applied to be to be registered as a member, in writing;
    • Has Filled the membership form affixed with a passport photograph, attaching photocopies of credentials such as statement of result and NYSC discharge certificate;
    • Is sponsored by, at least, a member of the Association;
    • Has paid the initial registration fees, as may be directed by the constitution;
    • Has been confirmed in a general meeting, in the presence of every member, by the Executive Committee;
    • Is of good conduct and not an ex-convict;
    • Has been properly registered by entering his/her name in the Register of Members of the Association.

Rights, Privileges and Obligations of Full Members
The members of the Association shall be entitled to:

The members of the Association shall be entitled to:

  • Freedom of association;
  • Freedom of speech and expression;
  • Right to vote and be voted for at the Association’s meetings;

The members of the Association shall enjoy the following privileges:

General welfare of members;

  • Solidarity extended to members in moments of celebration and bereavement;
  • Recognition of worthy service, whether common or outstanding;
  • The members of the Association shall have the following obligations:
  • Attendance of meetings of the association and positive contribution thereat;
  • Punctuality and regularity at meetings;
  • Participating in all activities and flagship programs of the Association;
  • Payment of all dues and levies as stipulated by the constitution;
  • Compliance with all resolutions and other decisions of the Association;
  • Be of good conduct in the Association;
  • Be an active member of a committee;
  • Projecting and promoting the public image, vision and ideologies of the Association at all times;
  • Protecting the integrity of Abiriba in general, and the Association, in particular;
  • Engaging in pressuring and coercing individuals or groups to take action in the development, empowerment and improvement of Abiriba and her people;
  • Engaging in all such lawful acts that would be in the interest of Abiriba in general, and the Association, in particular.