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Frank Talk

Frank Talk Program



The Ntum Oha Annual Lecture/Talk-Shop is Ntum Oha’s attempt at convening a meeting of all stakeholders in Abiriba’s future, to deliberate and proffer solutions to the community’s problems and suggest ways to move the community forward. The lecture is designed to appeal to the conscience of concerned Abiriba people and awaken their intellect, redirect their minds and energies. The Frank-Talk session creates a conducive environment for the freshly stimulated minds to brainstorm and proffer solutions to Abiriba’s problems. A communiqué will be produced from the Frank Talk session, which will act as a guide to Ntum Oha’s Activity for the coming year.

Creating an avenue for the elites to meet regularly, to exercise their intellectual prowess and rub minds on how to move the community forward is Ntum Oha’s Novel method of gradually building and empowering an organized, recognizable enlightened class. By so doing, Ntum Oha hopes to pioneer a cohesive Abiriba Political Front, an egalitarian health delivery system and a sustained educational growth – these are the reasons behind the formation of the association.


Ntum Oha Annual Lecture and Frank Talk is a radical departure from what obtains in regular Abiriba meetings. The venue is at Erinma hall. The atmosphere will be intellectual. Renowned professionals will present papers.

Ntum Oha has put in a lot of effort, financial and otherwise to ensure that every edition of Ntum Oha Annual Lecture and Frank Talk will be an immense success. To realise this, a comprehensive directory of elites has been compiled, funds have been raised to mobilize professionals and elites via electronic and print media, those out side the country will be contacted and invited via post, e-mail and telephone and throuhg this web site. Flyers and posters are printed and distributed towards the end of the year. Banners and billboards will be mounted at strategic location in and around Abiriba.

Three prominent professionals and or intellectuals will deliver lectures. Young professionals will be given a chance to present at least one paper. All invitees will actively participate in the Frank Talk.


There exist a knowledge gap between our youths and their older counterparts. By giving the young a chance to participate in the Ntum Oha Annual lecture and Frank Talk and mingle with older professionals and elites, Ntum Oha hopes to bridge the disparity gap and create avenue for sustained empowerment.

Ntum Oha implores our long-standing elites, professionals and intellectuals to come out and participate en mass. By so doing we will collectively begin the process of redirecting the energies of the Abiriba people towards newer ways of community development and emancipation. Ntum Oha also encourages the youths (especially Undergraduates) to participate and gain experiences from our older elites thereby developing enough confidence to seek leadership positions.

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Special Invitation to Ntum Oha Annual Lecture and FrankTalk

The 21st edition of the FrankTalk is themed PROMOTING THE ABIRIBA LANGUAGE AS AN ELEMENT OF CULTURE to be presented by Dr Emeaba Emeaba. This aims at sensitizing the Abiriba people on the need to sustain and promote the Abiriba language, even for the younger generation to continue so as not to allow the language go extinct. This edition promises to be highly intellectual and professional with superlative presentation targeted at redirecting the minds and energies of Abiriba people. Ntum Oha will continue to proffer solutions to the challenges of the community towards sustained empowerment.