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Ntum Oha is an interest group. Her members are indigenes of Abiriba, who are at least graduates of Universities or other Institutions of Learning of equivalent standard. They see themselves as ‘THE NTUM’, (the sweetest substance in Abiriba mythology), and the Abiriba public as ‘THE OHA’ (the point of focus) hence NTUM OHA.

Abiriba today has grown into a complex society. The old ideas and structure, used to cater for the welfare of the community, has collapsed under pressure of modernity. Several interest groups have tried to take up parts of this structure to restore Abiriba to her past glory but have not been successful. A handful of young multidisciplinary Abiriba graduates residing in Port Harcourt, Nigeria got together, analysed the situation in Abiriba and the short comings of past Abiriba interest groups and saw the need to create an interest group that is vibrant, virile, self sustaining and focused.

the following aspects of the proposed association were strengthened;

  • Code of conduct and discipline.
  • Location of the association and status of branches.
  • Conflict resolution mechanism.
  • Mechanism to ensure the focus and continuity of the association.
  • Relationship with other associations of Abiriba origin, and others.

Benefits of members.

Ntum Oha was founded in 1999 in Port Harcourt to redirect the minds and energies of the people of Abiriba and see to the emancipation and restoration of Abiriba in three major aspects of community development, which are EDUCATION, HEALTH, and POLITICS.

Our mode of operation is Investigative Interview Technique. We ask questions to identify problem areas in those three aspects of community development. The problems so identified are then highlighted and showcased. We also proffer solutions to those problems and then alert appropriate agencies for implementation of the solutions proffered.


Towards Sustained Empowerment


The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • To assist in the Welfare and Development of members
  • To create political Awareness and Emancipation of Abiriba,
  • To encourage the Education of Abiriba people at all levels,
  • To promote the Health of Abiriba people.


The headquarters of Ntum Oha is at Port Harcourt.

As the Association grows, branches outside Port Harcourt will be established. the following requirement will be met before a branch is established;

Number of committed persons in such a branch is at least four (4).

Two-thirds of headquarter officials must be present during branch inauguration.

To ensure the association remains focused,

Branches operate with this same constitution. as the headquarter

Branch activities will be monitored and approved by the headquarters.

Headquarters shall decide, approve major activities of the association at Abiriba in particular.


All indigenes of Abiriba by birth or naturalization who are graduates of; Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics or equivalent institutions are qualified for membership. Such persons shall be of integrity and non ex-convicts.

An intending member shall attend a minimum of three (3) consecutive general meetings of the association as an observer. An active member shall sponsor the intending member who shall apply for membership (in writing) enclosing copies of relevant credentials.

To be accepted as a member, a motion for the acceptance of a new member shall be moved by a registered active member and approved by at least two-thirds of the members, voting in a properly constituted general meeting.


Total Members


Ntum Oha will work with other associations that are positive and progressive to the extent of similarity in the association’s aims and objective.

The association shall seek or be sought to work in relation/partnership on issues and projects of national/global dimensions.

The association shall not play second fiddle to any other person (s), association (s), or union (s).

  • ACIU PH 90% 90%
  • LEAP 60% 60%
  • ACIU Central 50% 50%
  • ACIU ABA 60% 60%


Eleanya Kalu

Eleanya Kalu


Urenma Amadi

Urenma Amadi

Vice President

Chukwudi Inwerogu

Chukwudi Inwerogu


Nsiorie Iwo Akaraonu

Nsiorie Iwo Akaraonu

Publicity Officer

Ukoha Ukaku

Ukoha Ukaku

Financial Secretary

Chinyere Anya

Chinyere Anya