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Abiriba Unity Marathon

Novel Sports Activity


Ntum Oha organizes programs that promote physical, psychological, intellectual and temperamental emancipation of the people individual and, collectively, empower the people socio-economically and politically. The Abiriba Unity Marathon is one of many sporting programs lined up by Ntum Oha in her effort to reverse the downward trend in our moral and social values and promote unification of Abiriba youths through sports. This novel sports activity, first if its kind in the history of Abiriba, was born out of the neccessity to curb youth restiveness and social vises that have become the order of the day due to increased idleness and unemployment.Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.


The Abiriba Unity marathon, which is one of Ntum Oha’s flagship programmes, is planned to project Abiriba environment such as its land scape, the topography, its culture and the people, identify sporting talents within the Abiriba community and outside. It has been in existence since 2009 and has empowered many skilled athletes within and outside Abiriba. Other reasons include:
1. Projecting sporting events especially marathon as a unifying factor amongst the Abiriba people.
2. Showcasing hidden talents to agents and scouts through documentations/viewings who may help in polishing these young talents and helping them achieve their dreams as career athletes.
3. Giving opportunity to sponsors to advertise their companies and products/services during the event proper.
Giving opportunity to electronic media to increase their viewing sporting content and to also attract viewership.
5. Opportunity for Abiriba Unity marathon to be included amongst the various recognized sporting events in International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) calendar in the future.
6. Opportunity for Abiriba marathon to be in the super sports sporting event list.
7. Projecting Abiriba as a suitable tourism destination.
Participation is open to 100 athletes.
Registration for participation is free!
Hurry now and get your registration done as it closes soonest.

Aims of the Marathon

Idle hands, they say, is the devil’s workshop. By redirecting the minds and energies of Abiriba youths towards sporting activities Ntum Oha aims to ” kill two birds with one stone” ie

  • Create avenues for the youths to dissipate their excess energy rather than be used to perpetuate violence.
  • Occupy the youths gainfully – Sports is one discipline Abiriba has not exploited in her quest to create wealth.
  • Create a convergence zone for the youths of Abiriba to meet and socialize responsibly there by unifying them – if the youths unify Abiriba will achieve unity.

Ntum Oha is hoping that this Annual Marathon Program will go a long way in reversing the present state of disunity in Abiriba clan. The youth must be encouraged to take up vocation in the expansive sports.

When people come together to participate in sporting activities with one mind, there is always unity in the gathering formed. And in that unity is the needed mutual peace. Such was the philosophy of the Great Roman Empire during the time of Julius Caesar.

Ntum Oha is holding fast to her principle- “That one does not neglect his farm because of weeds.” Ntum Oha is hoping that the success of this Marathon will be an eye opener to those “Purveyors of evil” in our community.

The state of things in Abiriba Community is now a thing of concern to lovers of the city onetime known as “Small London. We want to count on contributions that will reverse the situation to what it used to be “a place of glory where oneness used to be the ideal”.


We are committed to this marathon in order to:

Support the building of healthy bodies through physical exercise.

Encourage our jobless youths to take to sports as vocation

Encourage unity in Abiriba through sports

To promote sports in Abiriba and its environs

To showcase the hospitality of the Abiriba people

Make Abiriba a tourist suburb through sports

To showcase the unbiased mind of the Abiriba man in competitions.

Bring Abiriba to the limelight through sports

Present Ntum Oha as an exemplary Association for others in Abiriba to emulate.

Open more business doors to our people through our sponsor’s promotion gallour.

It is our earnest desire that our commitment to the Marathon will go a long way to make the Abiriba man a healthy, competitive, friendly, contented, dependable, reliable and a happy man.


Ntum Oha is essentially a pressure group. One of our modes of attaining our set goals, is pressuring the people to make positive changes and to lead by example. As trail blazers we pioneer changes and carry the rest of the people along by, first, creating the enabling environment for the people to contribute positively towards the change. Then we encourage, coerce, cajole them to contribute as participants, donors, sponsors or partners.

Ntum Oha hereby offer you the opportunity to sponsor and or partner with her to organize subsequent Abiriba Unity Marathons in the following areas;

1. Radio / TV Airing of past marathons

2. Radio and TV Jingles

3. customized Jerseys / T. Shirts

4. Flyers / Banners

5. Medals

6. Security

7. Winnings

8. Medical

9. Bottled Water

10. Town Crier

With the experience of the maiden Marathon in mind which cost a total of N600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thaousand Naira) and with our intention of making subsequent editions bigger and better, a minimum budget of N700,000.00 (Seven thousand naira) will be needed.

Our request for sponsorship comes to you interwoven with the present plight of the Abiriba people which informed the Ntum Oha’s theme for the Marathon ‘The Unification of the Abiriba People’.

While we await your anticipated favourable response Our collective effort and passion for our indivisible mother land will remain our strength.

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