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...redirecting the minds and energies of Abiriba people

Aim and Objectives

Ntum Oha aims at coercing individuals and groups to patriotism, to see Abiriba as their first constituency, to take up leadership positions and partner with the authorites towards meaningful community development. By so doing, Ntum Oha hopes to pioneer front, an egalitarian health delivery system and a sustained educational growth.

Our Mission

In our effort to better the situation in our community Abiriba, Ntum-Oha on a regular basis interacts with the community to identify problem areas and/or areas of need such as Education, Health, Politics and Economic Development. Annually, a forum is created were Ntum Oha with other stakeholders volunteer solutions to the identified problems. Finally Ntum Oha will pressurize the responsible individuals, groups or authorities to take action.

Our Vision

To assist in the welfare and development of members, creating political awareness and emancipation of Abiriba, encouraging the education of Abiriba people at all levels and sustainably promote their health.

Frank Talk

Ntum Oha’s Talk-Shop is an attempt at convening a meeting of all stakeholders in Abiriba’s future, to deliberate and proffer solutions to the community’s problems and suggest ways to move the community forward.

Abiriba Unity Marathon

Ntum Oha organizes programs that promote physical, psychological, intellectual and temperamental emancipation of the people individually and, collectively, empower the people socio-economically and politically.

Community Health Program

In line with her goal of advocating and working to promote the health needs of the people of  Abiriba in the face of the collapse of the health system, Ntum Oha began a regular free medical mission to the community.

Abiriba Business Summit

Abiriba Business Summit is an forum were individuals and  corporate bodies  meet, learn, network and mentor. Powered by Ntum Oha.


Annual Spelling Bee and Quiz competitions

The 2nd edition of the Annual Spelling Bee and Quiz competitions held at Abiriba on the 7th June 2019. It is the 20th Anniversary edition which had 10 schools represented by 3 students each participate. Ms Ebueme Favour Nnanna from St Peter's Academy became the winner...

The Integrated Medical Centre

The Integrated Medical Centre, championed by ACIU North America was opened for business to meet the health need of Abiriba people on the 1st September 2019. It is situated within the Akahaba Hospital complex, Abiriba.

December calendar

The December calendar has been released, duly signed by the Enachioken-in-Council.

The planting of almost extinct

The planting of almost extinct but popular NTUM tree in Abiriba. The tree produces the very sweet NTUM fruit which Ntum Oha derives it's name from.

Ikeja branch of Dover Hotels Ltd Opening.

The opening of Ikeja branch of Dover Hotels Ltd took place on the 28th December 2019. Barr Jackson Agbai Abbah, CEO, Dover Hotels added to his establishment as it launched its new building on in a well attended event at 14 Aromire Street, off Allen Avenue. An imposing...

News on Enuda University

Enuda University, the first community university will soon be established. The university is set to kick off with five faculties, namely; Education, Medical/Laboratory Sciences, Law, Nursing and Environmental Sciences/Survey. Social Sciences will be added after its...


Unity Marathon

Unity Marathon - 2nd January 2020

Award/Gala Night

Award/Gala Night - 1st January 2020

Annual Lecture/Frank Talk

Annual Lecture/Frank Talk - 1st January 2020

Thanksgiving Service

Thanksgiving Service - 29th December 2019.

Medical Outreach

Medical Outreach (with ACIU NA) - soon to be announced.

Abiriba Business Summit

Abiriba Business Summit - 6th December 2019.


Happy Birthday To Miss Mercy Kalu Okum.

Happy Birthday to our adorable Miss Mercy Kalu Okum. We wish you all the best today and always. Keep soaring and do have a blast.

Happy birthday to Joy Nwokeka

It’s another day of celebration as we celebrate a great personality and entrepreneur- Joy Nwokeka. Happy Birthday and continue to soar in your endeavors. Do have a blast.

Happy birthday to Merry Nduka

Happy birthday to Merry Nduka. Enjoy a new age of increase, fulfillment and Godspeed. Congrats!

Happy Birthday Mr. Uduka Okoro.

Happy Birthday Mr. Uduka Okoro. May God continue to keep you and bless you. Even as we look forward to seeing you again in our midst. Enjoy your day. November 7th 2019